March 22, 2023

5 reasons why refurbished is actually better than new 

There are plenty of misconceptions about refurbished hardware. We’re not here to debunk them – the quality of our products speaks for itself. In fact, we argue that refurbished servers are often just as good as new ones, but with more positive impacts. Wonder how? See our list below and don’t forget to share your thoughts!

1. Matching quality 

Refurbished servers’ quality matches that of new hardware, plus they score better than new ones on price, availability, and environmental gains. Quite a different picture than many people have in mind! 

We conduct extensive check-ups before we offer a product. This means the servers you’ll be getting from us are as thoroughly checked as a new product. As a result, we can detect flaws in time and act on them, improving the condition of the hardware. Besides, thanks to the testing, we make the state of the hardware we offer you as transparent as it gets, allowing you to strike the best balance between price and quality.

2. Functional for years to come

There’s often a powerful misconception that servers entering the refurbishment process are at the end of their lifespan. That’s quite a common myth - but nothing more than that. In reality, servers can live very long lives, provided they are well taken care of (which is why our extensive check-ups are so important).

The servers we get were usually retired even before they reached their peak performance. There are several reasons for this: primarily, many users think the servers’ lifespan is very short, at 3-4 years. This has to do with the so-called “planned obsolescence”: creating the perception that products break down quickly (very handy so that consumers keep buying new stuff). This perception also causes the always-increasing demand for higher speeds or processing power, which makes users ditch perfectly functional servers for minor improvements. Finally, sometimes servers have light, easily fixable damages, but become discarded - and with them, their potential to serve you for the years to come.

We’re here to show (not tell) you that servers’ lifespan is much longer. The servers we offer have a good few more years to serve their new users, and boy, they do.

3. Spare parts easily available

Both new and refurbished hardware can break at times, but often, it proves easier to get spare parts for the refurbished servers. This is simply because the refurbished model has been on the market for longer, so there are more parts in circulation. Such part abundance proves very handy with repairs, ensuring that they take place in a quick and efficient manner.

But there’s something else: remember the chip shortage from 2020 and 2021? Many new models were stalled for months because key parts needed to finish them were missing. As refurbished servers are, well, already produced, they’re largely immune to market shocks. Therefore, you’re not running the danger of delivery delays if you opt for a refurbished IT infrastructure. If it sounds like a win-win, it’s because it is.

4. High potential of processing power

The configuration opportunities with refurbished servers are vast, and your needs (okay, and some technical requirements) are the limit.

Thanks to these tailor-made configuration options, refurbished servers can end up with higher processing power or storage capacity than brand-new ones. It simply depends on what you need, and our experts are here to guide your configuration choice.

5. Lower environmental cost

The production of new servers is extremely damaging to the environment. Mining the minerals essential for hardware destroys land and pollutes water, and the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the full production cycle are very high. Besides, the minerals we need to run our IT infrastructure are actually running out.

Refurbished servers mitigate those challenges – reusing is much more effective in curbing resource scarcity than recycling, and refurbished servers cause up to 25% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Do you know of other reasons why refurbished servers are better than new ones? Let us know via !