January 31, 2023

iuppiter’s 2022 annual report

iuppiter annual report highlights that we went around the world to tell about refurbished, cheap, configured servers

Our 2022 was full of configured servers, new services, company growth, and more. Come take a look at our year.

  • How many servers did we custom-configure?
  • What good things did we do with our revenue?
  • What do we have in stock for 2023?

You’ll find the answers to these and many more questions in our graphic tale of 2022.Saban In, iuppiter's founder: "After two busy years, in 2022 we saw the market go back to its pre-COVID-19 state. The demand for chips that boomed in 2021 and 2020 slowed down as prices dropped in Asia.

We noticed these trends in iuppiter: although we were getting more requests for Skylake and Epyc servers, the demand for Haswell (v3) and Broadwell (V4) servers dropped.

The reduced demand allowed us to focus on quality. 70% of all servers we sold this year were custom configured by our dedicated warehouse team. We’ve also strengthened our eBay store, saw our sales quadruple within just a few months, and ended the year as a Top Seller. We’re very proud of these achievements.

The end of COVID restrictions also meant we could see our old friends again during several in-person conferences. We missed chatting and making good deals with them.

Saban In, iuppiter's founder, tells of refurbished servers and second-hand cheap servers in our annual report

Despite adversities, 2022 was a great year for our team. We hired several new people and I'm proud to say that we now offer a pension scheme to our employees.

Although the calming markets brought less business, I’m really happy that fewer of our employees are getting sick.

2023 will be our quality year, in all senses. We look forward to custom-configuring more servers and gearing them towards more complex tasks. Already in January, we processed over 25 pallets with excellent stock.

Our operating mode will switch up to accommodate our regular clients better: we will keep enough stock for standing orders but expand our focus to more deals, too. Finally, we’re really excited to move to a new, bigger warehouse in the summer."