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iuppiter was born

With almost a decade of experience under our belt, trading server
and pc components world wide, it became time to venture out.
2015 Iuppiter saw its first light.

our company values

01. Expertized Expert

By focusing solely on processors Iuppiter is able to specialize in finding the right part for the right price. We search world wide to find the best deals for you.

02. Reliable Regular

By taking stock positions Iuppiter is making sure they have the right price for you. We also believe in long lasting relationships and are not in for the one hit wonders. We want to be your solid supplier and customer, over and over again.

03. Flexible Friend

With business partners located around the world, we strive to be as flexible as possible, serving you the best we can in any way we can.

24 hours

Iuppiter is always interested in your offer, or inquiry, therefor efficiency is key. Due
to our trusted world wide network we tend to work 24 hours a day.. But we love it!

We care

We will do all we can to make sure you get your product, not only on time but also
packed and handled with care. Anti static bags, bubble wrap, foam, sturdy boxes,
you name it, we have it and use it.

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iuppiter B.V.

Brugwachter 9
3034 KD Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 80 81 052
[email protected]
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